Goodbye Green Stuff!!

After much thought and researching we decided to go for a lightweight plywood rather than jib/drywall. Jib as they call it here, is quite heavy and we thought  perhaps it was not the best option for a “mobile” home. Tongue and groove was an important factor for us, so we decided to go with the smallest thickness in T&G that was available. It turns out the only product that was <12mm in tongue and groove uses that label very loosely, as we could not see the tongue and grooves when they arrived :O! Ahhh well it looks great now anyway 😀


In the midst of this, Ness was offered a “seasonal” job in the South Island and started off the siding in the Bathroom before she jetted off for 3 months!! This left Jess to finish the big job of installing the rest of the siding by herself before she joined Ness in a couple of weeks! There were some very minor melt downs 😉 …. Ah you know, tools malfunctioning, product anomalies, having to drill into the steel frame, and the green stuff twisting around the screws, etc… never the person of course 😉

20160421_171102 img-20160419-wa0004 img-20160426-wa0015

We started with the ceiling, then Ness got us started off in the bathroom before she buggered off, and to the far right is Jess’s first solo piece.

img-20160507-wa0018 img-20160509-wa0017 img-20160502-wa0006

Site supervisor ‘Shooter’ laying down on the job as per usual 😉



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