“A lick of paint”

We could NOT WAIT to get to this stage! At each stage during this project you always fervently look forward to a future stage. You learn that “the stage” you were desperate to get to, is always a bit more of a pain in the ass than you anticipated lol. We have also continuously learned that you cannot predict the preparation time for the task you intend to do, and it is usually the most time consuming part!


We had originally hoped that we could get away with going for the industrial look by placing the interior siding screws in a uniform fashion so we did not have to fill a couple of hundred holes! Yeah,… nice try! Plans don’t usually got to plan :X …. and because we have a steel frame we have triangular framing in certain places; therefore, we had lots of screw holes to fill and sanding to do prior to painting! You have got to love the preparation phase 😉


Getting the paint on the walls was very rewarding; we were starting to see a house forming! We decided to go with white to provide more light and enhance the perception of the size.

20160906_092728 20160906_095115 20160906_095137

We decided to break up the white with a feature wall of pallet wood. We absolutely love how the pallet wall has turned out!

20160919_124830 20160929_184400 20160919_124800


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