El Baño

Aka ‘Da Throne!’


Who doesn’t like a composting toilet?!?!


A composting toilet just makes sense for a tiny house. It means you have no black water waste, you are not wasting an average of 3.6 gallons (13.6 liters) of water per flush, and you can use the compost to fertilize any flowering/plant/tree that is a non-consumption item.


A lot of people of people are really freaked out about the fact that it is a human litter box, but with the correct balance of peat moss there really is no smell at all.


We simply built a box, which stores a rather lovely rubbish bin 😉 There is also a separate container for the pete moss so it is all contained. We finished it off with a lovely ‘soft close’ toilet seat!


A special thanks goes out to Mark and Tina our next door neighbours for the Christmas present of a Mitre 10 giftcard which allowed us to purchase the needed items for our homemade composting toilet… aka rubbish in a box.

Of course the throne has a light, look at her glow:


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