Raising the Roof

Once the cladding was finished, and the windows were in, there were some final trim pieces that we needed to install as part of the roof. Each window needed what is called a ‘header flashing’ installed above it. This piece is custom fit for each window. The header flashing locks in to the cladding piece above it and sits just above the top rim of the window, allowing water to drain out and over the edge of the window. The ridge cap for the peak of the roof, and the side caps were also installed. Now, every piece of the exterior is complete! We finally have a waterproof house!

Completing the exterior was the biggest relief of this whole process. Now, we don’t wake up every night that it rains or is windy, worrying about whether or not the tiny house is ok. We no longer needed to worry whether or not rain was leaking into the house, or if the wind was ripping off our cladding. We can now sleep peacefully knowing the house is safe and sealed up. Well, minus the fact that we don’t have a front door yet…



One thought on “Raising the Roof

  1. Philip Vassallo

    Thanks Ladies,

    You have completely changed my outlook and plans. It will take a couple of years but I promise to send pics.



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