Pallet Couches

The pallet couches were Ness’s project.

Thanks to Jess’s Dad for mistakenly taking her vegetarian lunch for “smoko” (kiwi slang for break-time at work!), we happened to come across some very awesome pallets when we were bringing him his correct lunch as requested lol. We spotted these pallets in his work yard and asked him if they were rubbish. It turns out they were, and we scored a couple of awesome pallets and collapsible boxes. These collapsible boxes as it happens are what Ness has always dreamed of making a couch out of! Perfect!! Ness also cleverly built storage within the couches to utilize every ounce of space. This is an important concept for a tiny house as you can imagine 😉

The pallets and Ness building a frame:

Pallet couches:

“Suzy Homemaker” also made some homemade cushions from our left over insulation:



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