Clad Me!!

While trying to figure out our options for siding, or as they like to call it in NZ, cladding, we came down to two options we really liked. These two options were wood weatherboard cladding and steel cladding. There are many different looks that can be achieved with both materials so the options were virtually endless. After much thought, we decided to go with steel cladding to reduce the overall weight. We absolutely love the look of wood cladding; however, reducing the overall weight of our trailer is always our first priority. We went off to Quins a local cladding warehouse in good ole Levin and met the wonderful Bruce. Bruce has easily been our favorite person throughout this whole project. We explained to him that this was a learning process for us and that we were not completely familiar with metal cladding installation and Bruce assured us that we should not worry, it would be a “piece of piss.” So we decided to give it a go and picked both the profile that we wanted and the colors that we wanted. We went with a standard corrugated roof in white, and a really cool panel-look in a deep gray for the siding. Before we received our materials, Bruce asked to meet with us to give us a few tips and tricks of the trade to hopefully make our lives and this job easier.

The cladding and windows have arrived! (Bruce, below)

20151218_110529 20151218_111137 20151218_144321

The materials looked like a huge intimidating jigsaw puzzle, which we could not wait to get started on. So here it goes, piece of piss…

20160105_204359 20160110_185145 20160110_185236