Bloody aaaaRRRRRRghhhhhhh-Board!

When we received our frame from Frametek, they recommended to us that we needed to use a thermal break as a layer between our frame and our cladding. You may be thinking what we thought….. What the heck is a thermal break?! A thermal break is an extra barrier with low conductivity placed between two conductive materials to reduce or prevent the flow of thermal energy. This helps protect us from any excess moisture, and also adds to the overall insulation or R-value of the tiny house.

We used R-Board Plus as a thermal break as recommended by Frametek. This stuff was a pain in the ass!!! This was mainly because it is so windy here on the Kapiti coast, and it just wanted to take off like a sail. It has 10mm of insulation and building wrap on top. It may be a bit of overkill for a tiny house, but we will definitely appreciate it down the road!

Here are some snaps:

Mammoth Board….  :/ NEVER again!

We used Mammoth Board as a thermal break between the frame and the corrugated roof. The material is actually similar to very thick polyester. This was a pain in the ass to cut and fix to the steel, as it would get spun up in our screws and would not allow our self tapping screws to go through to the metal.  To be completely honest, we wouldn’t recommend it and we would NEVER use this again after this experience. Ness seriously cursed the whole time! It was a very time consuming process, but we got through it with a little help from our friend Jessie visiting for Christmas all the way from Missouri! Thanks Jessie 🙂


Outings to Frametek

After much going back and forth we eventually finalized our plans! Ness had the awesome opportunity of going into the warehouse to watch our tiny house frame being produced. Steve at Frametek gave her a tour and provided her with all the ins and outs as to how everything works. As a science nerd, Ness was totally nerding out.

After the frame was produced we impatiently waited about a week for the rain to stop, so that it could be assembled and fixed to the trailer. The day finally arrived!!! When we got the call we headed straight to Frametek to watch the proceedings 🙂


Watching our tiny house being assembled was a very surreal experience, and even more surreal driving it away!