The Scabby Dressers

This was Jess’s project, although Ness definitely helped with the kitchen countertop part 😉

It literally took Jess an entire day to sand the nastiness and 20+ years of paint off of these dressers. They were disgusting! However, we knew the ‘bones’ were great, and that it would eventually be a very rewarding outcome. After Jess sanded them down, we mixed our own left over white paint with a tester pot paint of black to get the desired grey color we wanted. We used a broken coat hanger and the drill to mix the paint. We learned this handy trick on You Tube, and it worked great! The plan was to use 1 dresser for the living space, and 1 for the kitchen.

We went through so many ideas on how to create a kitchen counter top, such as, a concrete counter top, a countertop of copper pennies (except the “pennies” in New Zealand are actually worth 10 cents!), an old door, a butcher-block, and then finally the most feasible idea with the resources we had available was a double ply base with a sheet of stainless steel on top. This was the exact industrial look we were trying to achieve, and we believe it looks fab! Once this was done, we cut the hole for the sink, and mounted it to finish the kitchen countertop. We also had to increase the height to countertop height by building a frame to the bottom of the dresser.


Here goes nothing:



2 thoughts on “The Scabby Dressers

  1. David J. Gilbert.

    Ladies, I take it from what I have read, seen and heard that you didn’t actually build the trailer/small house but actually fitted it out but still an awesome feat for two novices so a shame that you now have to return to the states.
    If you ever start another project I hope we get to see and admire the fruits of your labours.
    Good luck.

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    1. Hey David, we didn’t build the trailer or the steel frame but we designed them both. Every single thing after that was completed by us as well. The labor we paid to be completed and have certified was the electric and plumbing. Our tiny house is currently for sale in NZ on Thank you for your kind words! We are certainly sad to have left New Zealand but we are excited for our new chapter here in the states. We hope our next project will be an Airstream. And we will DEFINITELY post about that when the time comes!


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