“Build-A-Bear”…I mean…”Build-A-Tiny House!”

Ness’s Mama is here to visit and boy do we have work for her to do! Teri, Ness’s Mama, was so happy and excited to lend a hand at one of the most boring and labor intensive phases of the build, insulating the house. We chose to use a polyester insulation called “Greenstuf.” We chose polyester over fiberglass pink batts because Ness is allergic to pink batts, and has asthma, which is not good when it comes to insulation. The Greenstuff is hypoallergenic, and has a better insulation value than traditional pink batts, so for us, it was a win-win. We had no idea that this stuff would be a bit of a nightmare to work with. The one and only obstacle in using the Greenstuff is that because it is polyester, and about 5 inches thick, it was very hard to cut. We tried everything we had to find the best tool to cut it. We went from utility knives, to scissors, to garden sheers, and eventually settled for kitchen knives as the best tool to cut this stuff. Mama’s poor little hands were so swollen from days of cutting, and we all had blisters from using the kitchen knives. But just like the heart in a Build a Bear, we all put our little hearts into this tiny house insulation and we are so thankful that Mama was here to help us. So here it is, the gorgeous Greenstuf.

Every great project starts with a Corona, doesn’t it?



2 thoughts on ““Build-A-Bear”…I mean…”Build-A-Tiny House!”

  1. Teresita

    I am sooooo very proud of my girls — watching you build your dream warms my heart — looking forward to coming out again some time soon I hope!!!


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