Window to my heart <3

Our windows are here and they are gorgeous! We had them custom made to our specs by Kurt from Nulook. I love the matte black finish, its perfect. Here in New Zealand, it is actually a big deal if you have double pane windows. It didn’t seem like much to Ness, as she is so used to double panes in America. But here in New Zealand, you actually pay more to have ‘double glazing’ as they call it, and it is virtually a luxury. We didn’t really see that we had any other option. It is crucial that the tiny house is well insulated and as energy efficient as possible. Although there is no extreme weather here, and the insulation is not as significant as somewhere that does get the extremes, single glazing would have collected moisture on the inside which can lead to so many problems down the road. The other point of a tiny house is that it is cheap to heat and cool, and we honestly did not see single glazing as an option.

Installing the windows was a pretty simple task, but a big one for so many short people. Jess’s sister Kim was in New Zealand for a few weeks while she was traveling the world, so of course we had to ask her to throw in a couple extra hands to help. Kim is a towering 4 foot 11 inches tall and clearly the best person to recruit to help install our windows 4 meters (13 feet) up. We also recruited the help of Tursha, Ness’s Mother In-Law who is also a whopping 5 feet tall. We borrowed the scaffolding from a neighbor but it was still a stretch for some of the bigger and heavier windows. I’m still not sure how we managed, but girls rule and we did it all on our own! These truly are the windows to our hearts as we are truly grateful to the help that Kim and Tursha gave us that day, we couldn’t have done it without them! Thanks, ladies!


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