Airing Our Clean Laundry

Jess’s friends Gerry and Jillian were moving back to Ireland and we are sad to see them go. They were getting rid of virtually everything so we snagged a brand new mattress from their moving sale. Getting it from their house to our tiny house was a treat! Although we weren’t quite ready for a mattress yet, the price was right and we couldn’t resist a good deal. We are also excited to say that our tiny house has inspired them to build their own tiny house in Ireland! We can’t wait to see what they come up with.

I’d like to also take a moment to give a little shout out to all of the amazing friends and family that have helped us out and taken part in our build. This has truly been a collaborative effort on so many levels. We have borrowed helping hands, tools, trailers, and vehicles, and have purchased or been given great stuff at a low cost to us. The kindness of the friends and family we have here is truly remarkable! Thank you again.

Here is my laundry list of thank you’s (I’m sorry if I’ve forgotten anyone):

Thank you to Jess’s parents Jamie and Tursha for the many nights and weekends they have donated to helping us, allowing us to stay in their house while we build ours, letting us store our tiny lifetime of stuff in their garage, and letting us build our tiny dream home in their back yard. Thank you to our lovely neighbors Mark and Tina for the helping hands, letting us crash their place and giving us a room to stay in during the holidays, and tolerating all of our noise and inconveniences. Thank you to our neighbor Paul for loaning us tools whenever we need them and for however long we need them. Thank you to Jess’s sister, Kim, for allowing us to recruit her during her around the world vacation. Thank you to my long time friend Jessie for making a trip out over her short Christmas break, and allowing us to put her to work for a little while. Thank you to Ness’s Mama, Teri, for enduring blisters, buying us cold Coronas, and for helping us every single day she could during her amazing three week visit to NZ.



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