Happy Birthday Ness!!!

Today is Ness’s 28th birthday and oh what a birthday it has been! We have some catching up to do and need to fill you in on some of the back story. We were expecting to receive our tiny house trailer back in October and knew that there was some intense preparation that needed to be done before it arrived.

CutMetal Framewelded trailer

A few pictures of the workings and progress of our trailer in October.

There was a pretty decent slope in the area that we wanted to park our tiny house and we needed to level the ground out before receiving our trailer. We looked into renting a little dozer to help us with the work. After a full day of play and getting carried away demolishing our neighbor’s shed 🙂 we finally had a level spot.


Some of the pictures from our day. The bottom right is a picture of the remnants of the neighbor’s shed.

We knew we needed to add rock, or some type of landscaping material, to keep the dirt pile we created from turning into a mud pit. The next day, we ventured out and bought some weed mat as well as some large bark mulch to beautify our mess. After a weekend full of work and play, our patch is now ready and willing to receive our tiny house trailer!




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