We Have a Trailer!!!!

Did I mention…..


Our tiny house trailer finally arrived and if you notice, it did not arrive when we expected it to….. back in October (A lesson we are beginning to learn very well…. Everything will take longer than expected, especially on Kiwi time!!!). Nonetheless, we had plenty to do in our “free time.” We took the time to level our spot and bring in some mulch. We also need to give a special thanks to Jess’s Dad, Jamie, for trimming the low hanging branches off the overgrown tree just above where we will have our tiny house.

photo 2 photo 1

What’s next???

Now that we have our tiny house trailer, we will be placing polystyrene insulation in the floor, and installing the subfloor. More photos and updates to follow! Thank you all for your kind words, your love, and support throughout this journey.


6 thoughts on “We Have a Trailer!!!!

    1. Hey Pania! Our trailer was 2.5m wide, by 7.8 long. We wanted to go 8 long but the biggest galvanize bath was 7.8 m near us so we decided to cut the length a little so it would fit and could be dipped in our piece. This may be different elsewhere, so length may not be limited like it was for us. I believe our flat deck height was 600mm from the ground. That was at the tires, and included our 12 mm plywood decking on top of it.


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